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Favorite Song on SZA’s “Z” *That You Havent Heard*- Bafflingly Beautiful

The Life As Shay Report:

Today I want to talk to you about TDE’s SZA. She released a project, Z, earlier this week and her music is so deep I needed a couple of days to discern between what I am hearing. First of all, she is the QUEEN, of making great music by my definition. I say it all the time, some of the greatest music/songs DO NOT use the title of the song in the lyrics at all. Those are the artists that push you to figure it out. Her entire project is a bundle of complex, intertwining sweet words with dreary force.

Ok, so I wasn’t completely honest…I have more than one favorite song, with “Green Mile” being one.

Am I the only one or does this girl have the originality of epic artists like Prince and Sade. The force and depth of their voices are not the point, it’s the tender innocence that is most piercing.

“Green Mile” speaks to me. Firstly, you can’t even define the genre of music when you listen to it. it’s musically androgynous. She is an artist that will make you want to read and research more, just so that you can maybe catch some of her lyrical references without effort.

Round 2: Favorite Song- “Omega.” I like this song partially because of the dope tempo change but mostly because I can not figure it out. It’s bafflingly beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Favorite Song on SZA’s “Z” *That You Havent Heard*- Bafflingly Beautiful

  1. Mannnnnnnnnnn TDE got another goldmine. Musically they killin the game right now… Musically she’s definitely bringing some originality… This generations Prince & Sade?! I ain’t mad at that thought… She definitely has her own lane… Salute to SZA #TDE… #YupYup

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