FAST 6 in a HOT Flash: Mini Movie Recap *Not a Spoiler*

Well Hello There!!

You are plugged in for another Official Life As Shay Report. I just got back from the NBCUniversal screening of the NEW Fast & Furious 6 movie starring Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson and Paul Walker…also featuring Tyrese Gibson (Tyrese) and Christopher Bridges (Luda)…I didn’t mention the women of this film but you can call each of them BAD! 

My thoughts!!! Go see it folks! If you loved the other motion pictures from this franchise you won’t be let down and as in any great series, if you have not seen the previous movies you won’t be left out and confused trying to pick up on past story lines. 

As promised, this is not a spoiler but I WILL give you a few key points. The story had a great flow, but THE ENDING…THE ENDING, GGGRRRREEEEAAAATTTT!! They packed so much action, speed FAST AND FURIOUSNESS into the closing scenes I was on the edge of my seat in true “action-thriller” style. 

The ending included an EPIC headbutt, like something you have NEVER SEEN though! I didn’t know whether to laugh or be concerned for the headbuttee…I mean honestly, I would recommend you to see the movie and pay your hard-earned dollars JUST to see this head-butt hahaha.  It was like a gliding squirrel, free-falling- “I got you now” headbutt! BAM!!

There was a “Titanic-I will always love you” scene too and in a true bad-ass twist of events the woman was the protector and hero. People rolling like tumbleweeds through fiery explosions and flying debris and others getting pierced with missile launchers. This movie is one that the ladies and gents alike can enjoy– DATE NIGHT ANYONE?

There was fire, fights, love, wise jokes and FAST-ASS CARS! Touche’…Go See!

The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Remember, “Don’t take life too serious, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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