Facts Only: Eminem Makes History with “Lose Yourself”

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Eminem Wins Oscar for Best Original Song with “Lose Yourself”

Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” sets the standard as a true “Record Breaking Hit.” Released in October of 2002, “Lose Yourself” served as the official soundtrack single for the box office success, 8 Mile.

Written during set breaks while filming 8 Mile, “Lose Yourself” loosely follows the storyline of the leading character’s (B-Rabbit played by Eminem) struggle to break from poverty and start a rap career. The distinctive guitar licks keep the tempo, intensifying the urgency of Eminem’s delivery and bringing a Hardcore Rock element to the Hip-Hop song. The incorporation of Rock elements into Hip-Hop was made popular with songs like Aerosmith and Run DMC’s “Walk This Way” and has a standing record of topping charts and captivating large audiences.

“Lose Yourself” placed Eminem on the main stage with his first #1 hit, topping Billboard’s Hot 100 and earning a nomination for The Grammy’s Song of The Year category (2004). With widespread praise, the accolades for “Lose Yourself” extended beyond the music industry. Academy Awards history was made in 2002, 73-years after its inception, when for the 1st time ever the Oscar for Best Original Song was awarded to a Rap Song: “Lose Yourself”. Not even Eminem himself expected such a ground-breaking moment for Hip-Hop to occur, as he decided to skip the big award night for a night at home. “Lose Yourself” lead the way for 2005’s Best Original Song Oscar winners, Three 6 Mafia with “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp” from the motion picture Hustle & Flow.

The energy of “Lose Yourself” is aggressive and intense, accompanied by heavy piano keys and violins, as Eminem stresses the importance of seizing the moment. “Lose Yourself” is recognized as one of Eminem’s best works and one of the best Hip-Hop Songs of all time. –Shay “Life As Shay” Bullock

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