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The Life As Shay Report:

I have to laugh as I write this because I really don’t know how I end up in some of the situations that I do. Maybe it’s a simple case of being vocal and passionate about what you want or maybe I have just really found my calling and things work out in mysterious ways. Anywho, I’ll get to the meat of it all.

Basically, I have been glued to YG‘s My Krazy Life album since I attended his LA Listening Party, a few days before it dropped. Maybe mostly because I was not expecting what I heard, it’s a real west coast classic. Now for me, I can’t stop listening to an album or mixtape that I love until I meet the artist or see them perform…so basically it’s like stopping an itch. And apparently my “six-degrees” of separation from YG isn’t too shabby because I put it out there and ended at his UCLA show last night.

Now you know when people are on tour they have the “turned up, full on” show with lights, stage props, pyrotechnics and all that…then they have the, “Hey, Imma slide through and get on the mic real quick” shows. This was a “slide through” show but none the less…

I forgot I was going to a college show, with lots of college kids on a college campus. You can fill in whatever stereotypes you want for that HAHAHA! Got there 15-minute before YG was supposed to take the stage because I was having one of those nights were I just couldn’t get out of the house!

Ok, so I get out of the house and get to the venue…rushing not even stopping for gas- which is not the thing to do with LA traffic, but I made it! Get escorted to security, then I have to GO BACK to the car to drop off my purse…it’s too big. But I needed my purse, I didn’t have time to do my little make-up before I left. smdh

I made it back to the on campus venue, but now I am hot and sweaty–yuck! Right? Welp, get settled in for the performance and BOOOM it starts. Like they were waiting just for me, awww! So we good. Remember the scary voice from the end of the song “Who Do You Love?” ft. Drake. Yea, that voice introduces YG as if he is coming out for a boxing match…And ladies if you are wondering, my bruh bruh is 6′ and 160 lb.

YG comes out BAM they go crazy! Two or three songs in, about right after “Bicken Back Being Bool” (which is my ish)…his damn voice goes out. Like OUT-OUT. Scratch ass no-good-bark type voice. His set tired in a few West Coast classics and YG was sure to do his dance over Dr. Dre’s “The Next Episode.”

You know, Imma tell you…the performance was mediocre. He went through a great portion of My Krazy Life…”BPT”, “I Just Wanna Party”, “Left, Right”, “My Nigga” and “Who Do You Love”…but it kept me wanting more. I gotta run it back one more time, so until then I’ll keep listening to the album.

Best part of the show: When YG does his dance
Not so great part: His voice went out so his Hype Man had to carry the performance
Great part: Very intimate venue and experience
Song of the Night: “I Just Wanna Party”

Thank you for having me UCLA and Team YG. It was love.

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