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NEW MUSIC: “Rockstar” Future feat. Nicki Minaj-That Sample Though?

The Life As Shay Report:

NEW MUSIC from Future and Nicki Minaj, “Rockstar.” I could not have seen this coming…but I guess it was literally a matter of time! From the moment I heard it, I wished that the autotune was a bit lighter on Future‘s voice, just being #Honest.

Then I was like “Dang, what song did they sample…” Apparently the guitar strings were sampled from George Michael, not even bout to fake like I caught that off the top. I was thinking more like a nursery rhyme sampling. The song has a lullaby, sing-a-long feel to it…right? Now I’m thinking like man, “it wasn’t ‘Hickory Dickery Dock’?”

This song ventures from the one word chorus’ that we have been hearing lately and for that reason alone I mess with it! Signature Future and Signature Nicki on this track…when it was over my instant instinct was to run it back again.



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