“Every Child Matters”–Does it for the KIDS: PT ii

  Ayee!!!!*Running past and waving*

Back by popular demand I was asked to assist with the “Every Child Matters” run/walk the other weekend. This marathon was in the support of the “Every Child Matters” organization and their consistent effort to provide children of the Caribbean with education supplies and opportunities. For this event I served as the talent associate, fun times!! The beautiful Elise Neal hosted the marathon and truly brought a spirit of encouragement and fun to the day’s activities! The 5k marathon hosted hundreds of runners ages 6-66! Aside from supporting a charitable cause and giving back to the kids (which I love to do), I think this event really revealed my calling! Have you noticed that majority of my events are philanthropic in nature? I surely didn’t notice until this event!! What an epiphany!!! I will continue my entertainment ambitions but incorporate charity efforts #stamped.

The run/walk was truly nice, I didn’t run or walk but I did watch people do it!!! Plus I was working—so yea, that’s my excuse!! It was amazing watching families support each other and fellow participants! And yes black people do run–black girls in particular too! This marathon inspired me to take part in Black Girls Run Marathon in Atlantathis September. You guys should join!!!(Very, very shameless plug lol)

There were vendors, GLITTER tattoos, a moon bounce, a jamming DJ, pop corn, cotton candy, a step-and-repeat for the photogs, trophies for the fastest runners and all! They had Caribbeandancers–straight Amazons.  After their performance they took snaps with the marathon’s top runners. One little guy was so excited to be in the middle of these woman I think he almost had an aneurysm! Lol He couldn’t smile, nor look serious and for sure couldn’t wrap his arms around their waistline in typical pic style! Hilarious! I have a feeling that the marathon was a FIRST for a lot of people!

Nothing like a well organized charity event on a Saturday morning. I had the chance to hang with Elise Neal and met some “old-new” people: people you seen before but don’t know them personally. See that’s how you build your rep–when people continue to see you at the happenings they know, they know, they knoooowww! #IDoesIT

Of course I will be back with more as my story unfolds…stay tuned! 

–My Inexplicable Life As Shay


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