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EMINEM-MMLP2: my favorite tracks

The Life As Shay Report:

The Marshall Mathers LP 2. I have been listening to this album for 2 weeks and will need way more time to dissect it for all it’s worth, BUT I wanted to share my favorite tracks. This album is something you have heard before–it’s a signature Eminem album. Not THE BEST album, but one of my favorites.

So Much Better: Story of a “rapper-hopping” girlfriend. This song is so funny and interesting to listen to. This is traditional “sing-along” Eminem.

Survival: This feels like Eminem’s Lose Yourself. He talks about his commitment to the rap game and how it’s “Survival of the fittest.” The heavy electric guitar almost makes this a rock song.

Legacy: Self-reflective song about his childhood, being a different lonely child, secluded and bullied. He found his power to fight back through his music. He mentions how he is grateful that he was so weird coming up because that made him the lyrical beast that he is today–allowing him to build a legacy. You will learn a lot about Eminem though this song.

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