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Drake’s Spilling the Beans with “Days in the East”

The Life As Shay Report:

Here are my moment-by-moment thoughts as I listened to “Days in the East.”

The song starts and I instantly feel relaxed. What does Drake do to a beat, it’s crazy. He is definitely “Switching up the Program.” Literally second by second the track becomes more complex as he crescendos and new sounds are added. He starts by giving advice to a woman about allowing guys chance after chance with her heart…mmmh, let everyone tell it he is talking about Rihanna. I have to say if you think of Rihanna while you listen it makes the song more intense.

At this moment, I realize that he is saying he has spending too much time across seas (Days in The East) and he is starting to forget who he is (Speaking of his time on Tour, away from America). And guess what, with that point in mind everything on the track from there on out makes sense. He is Spilling the Beans people.

The thing about it is, Drake can have a full conversation on a track and turn it into a song, the rhyming and flow is second nature. He shares about a visit to Erykah Badu’s house and of course they were talking about Love over Tea. I wonder whose idea it was for the Tea and Love talk…probably Drake.

But then he gets to the point of declaring that he had to get a particular girl back that he had already…signed sealed delivered, eat your freaking heart out- IT’S RIHANNA. Well Drake is in Love ‘cause you know he doesn’t make a song unless he feels a certain type of way.

The more I listen to this song the deeper it gets. He basically just told you how his love life and time on tour unraveled. I love the “Already” part too. AHHH I mess with this track.

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