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Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same”: You #Buying or Nah?

The Life As Shay Report:
The #LifeAsShay Report has the official review of Drake’s new album, Nothing Was the Same. The album was LEAKED before it’s official release date of September 24, 2013, but all I have to say to this LEAK is *Drip Drip*, get ya leak onnnn! 
Wow Drake!! I listened to the full album a day ago and I slept on it, allowing my thoughts to marinate.  I appreciate it more after taking a step back. I had the chance to dissect the album and the pleasure was all mine. 
This is a beautifully composed body of work. I do smell Grammy nominations to come.
This is not a rap album by far, it’s a “Drake” album-just that unique and personally thoughtful.  He hits on several different emotions throughout this album so if you find yourself thinking of a particular person when you hear numbers 4-14 (Yes. The whole album basically) you might have some unhealed emotional scars to address boo.  
1) Tuscan Leather– He samples Whitney Houston’s  I Have Nothing, the mastering and mix of this one is crazy. This song represents his next level fortune and fame. At first I didn’t understand the connection and why he decided to start the album with this track, but in true
Drake style you have to think deeper. After the 3rd time I got it, this song represents exactly how “nothing was the same.” This is his new level of fame and his “(Tom Ford) Tuscan Leather” lifestyle. This track is a mix of different flows, tempos and beat switches- perfect example of Drake’s style.
2) Furthest Thing– “Somewhere between I want it and I got it…” DRAKE!!! Original Drake track. This song is a perfect representation of the album. If I had to say listen to one song to decide whether you will purchase, I would choose this one.  Dreary, dreamy track with sonic sounds and strong piano strokes.  The switch up beat reminds me of Terror Squad’s Take You Home.
3) Started from the Bottom– Sounds good ever time.  
4) Wu-Tang Forever– Makes me feel like Usher Raymond is in the building. Slow, sexy 1990’s feel. Drake is singing with someone in mind on this one. Then he spits some solid bars. This track is a combination of soft and hard, cold and hot…NICE. The snare on the drums is straight from the 90’s.
5) Own It- Ballad-Rap style. Mr. Drizzy is professing that his heart belongs to one lady. He is telling her “It’s yours…Own that ish…” I love the background vocals on this track. This is reminiscent of something The Dream would produce-thats a good thing. 
6) Worst Behavior-MY SONG!! Bad-ass song. Makes me feel some type of way, this is the song that you play when you think about how far you have come and how far you have to go. This is going to be a problem in the club. The drums are crazy on this track.  He throws in Mase’s opening verse from Biggie’s Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems- “But you knew that.”
7) From Time feat. Jhene Aiko– Jhene: “I love me, I love me enough for the both of us, that’s why you trust me…I know you been through more than most of us, so what are you afraid of…”Have we found the female Drake? They are kindred musical spirits. They flow, they flow. Jhene wrote Drake’s part, and Drake wrote Jhene’s. “Hey, it could happen.” Cavity Sweet Album track.
8) Hold on, We’re Going Home- You heard it a million times by now. “Feel good track, wouldn’t you agree?”
9) Connect-H-town, Trill. I like it a lot. By the time I hit this track I am convinced that this album is a classic. You gotta be an adult to appreciate this album for its full contribution to the music game. This is a story of how he wants to connect with something real. “Show up knowing exactly who I was and never leave as myself”-Drake. If you haven’t heard U Send Me Swingin’ by Mint Condition you will have a time decoding this song.
10) The Language-Versace flow. Slow and steady pace. He rides the beat with perfection on this track. His lady friend is talking his language, listen to find out if you are talking Drake’s language too. 
11) 305 to my City feat. Detail– Homage paid to strippers here. “Oh Lawd we’re not in Kansas anymore…”
12) Too Much feat. Sampha– Its cool. That’s all. Song sounds like a vocal warm-up, sing this before you record or perform and you’ll be good. 
13) Pound Cake feat. Jay Z-Real smooth track. Of course it is with Jay on it. The two join on this track to talk about their millions, their cake-cake-cake. Something nice to ride to. (This track is 7 mins long so you can probably ride to the corner store and back lol) Samples C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang. 
14) Come Thru– My favorite song. Such a feel good song, damn Drake. I’m bobbing my head, singing along and hitting replay EVERY SINGLE TIME I hear this. Nice breakdown, so many layers to this song and his harmonies are on some next level ish.
After this track I was sold,  “I AM #BUYING!”  
15) All Me– You loved it the first time you heard it and it sounds even better on this album. 

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