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DOPE OR NOPE: “Candler Road Sh*t” B.o.B feat. Bankroll Fresh- Crunk x Laid Back

The Life As Shay Report:

New Music from B.o.B. featuring Bankroll Fresh “Candler Road Sh*t.” MMMhhh I like it! Song named after the street in Decatur, GA. I love a good, gritty hip hop song with a nice chorus! And get this…You will have to actually listen to learn THIS chorus, unlike the typical “one word” chorus songs that have become the norm today. The song is a sweet cross between crunk and laid back rollin’. I don’t know if I should dance or bob my head but it’s fresh. S/O Bankroll Fresh he did his thing, I’ll be watching. ATL is about to take 2015 with all the new talent coming up.

This goes on the playlissssttttt!!!!


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