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The Life As Shay Report:

NEW MUSIC from BEYONCE! She is re-releasing a “Platinum Edition” of her platinum-selling album Beyoncé. “7/11” is one of the new releases…the beat drops and it’s FIRE!!! I was so excited, stripper anthem for sure! Needless to say it is a “dance song” just not in the same vein as “Single Ladies” or “The Countdown.” Once I got to the middle of the song, I can say that I was disappointed; there is no substance or climax. It’s more of random rambling song about nothing but you know Bey can make just about anything sound good. It’s more of a fun, carefree, club song than anything else. You will definitely dance, and who doesn’t like to dance?
Hopefully she drops a video for it- Now that would be something to see!

The producers Bobby Johnson and Detail made the song!

What you think DOPE OR NOPE??

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