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Don’t Kill My Vibe: #MyWorld, #MyMusic-Cali Christmas ’12

The Life As Shay Report:

OMG!! MY Love Angels Gather ‘Round–

Well for those that don’t know by now I AM A HUGE @KENDRICKLAMAR FAN!! Yes sir, yes ma’am! And I usually only cover events, but this concert @Power106’s #CALICHRISTMAS was an EVENT to me!!
First of all I have not had the pleasure of being excited about an artist in yearssss—- Like since middle school and Bow Wow and B2K. There is nothing like connecting with an artist musically!!! Well besides that I think lil Kenny is cute as a button—but MUSICALLY my goodness.  He is so beyond his years, beyond this generation and truly dope! 
Every time I hear his music I get excited because I’m such a fan of GOOD MUSIC.  Music has walked me through all the stages of my life and for every memory there is an artist, a song, a genre, or lyrics that I can find to associate it with.  It’s a wonderful world to be in, just me and #MyMusic.  
#CaliChristmas 2012 was super cool though! This was my first of many! The line-up included The Weekend, CashOut, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, Big Sean, 2Chainz and Kendrick Lamar– #MyWorld. 
It took place last Friday, that’s right—Friday after work, so I rushed to get dressed at work, I CAN NOT STAND getting dressed in public places— OMG the horror of it all!! But anyway, got dressed and touched up, I’m on my way. BOOP! Gas light comes on so I stop for gas, cool.  Usually I would just ride on a dream and prayer if I was in a complete rush, like I was that night, but the traffic is so bad out here—especially when it rains that I would clunk out of gas just sitting in traffic.  SO I STOP! Gas, got it!—Cool.  Then I’m on my way again.  Get to the venue around 7:15p, which was show time, no biggie! But goodness–no one told me I had parked 3 miles from the venue—well maybe not 3 miles, but more like 2.9 miles.  The concert took place at the Gibson Amphitheatre at Universal Lot and the Lot is huge and the parking structures are far and wide— long story short, I chose the wrong parking structure damnit!!!
I stop on the way for a drink to wet my whistle ‘cause I had a feeling I would be screaming somebody’s lyrics at the of my lungs that night— Not Kendrick Lamar lyrics or anything though lol 🙂
Get to the Gibson Amphitheatre and it’s a crowd!! Not a line but a crowd…now how are we supposed to get filed into the venue when there is no order, by now its 7:35p and my anxiety it rising.  I just wanted to be in my seat—and I KNOOOOW that wasn’t too much to ask.  Surprisingly, the line worked its way down, or either I worked my way up the line…either way I was in within 10 minutes. HAPPY!!!
Before I could make it to the restroom and to my seat I hear Kendrick Lamar’s voice over the speakers and I freeze! I know DAMN WELL he is NOT performing right now!! Apparently I shouted that pretty loud because the guy next to me comforted me and said “Naw, he’s headlining.”  WHAAAATTTT!!! So now I’m really excited–let’s go!!
I patiently wait and watch all the performances! I even party and dance to a few— but I was saving my energy!! 
Everyone did great!!! Surprise performances from artists  like Trinidad James was a nice touch—He did have Gold all in his chain and Gold all in his ring, ohhh and Gold all in his watch too! So that was fun!!
Meek Mill, Rick Ross good job!!! I needed Wale though *looks around the room*  Big Sean he does the cutest little dance when he performs like a two-year old excited about a cookie or trip to the zoo—either way, GREAT JOB TOO!! 
2 CHAINNNZZZ!!! He is a true performer—I was very impressed, he put on a entertaining show. He had a dope set. #2ChainzButIGotMeAFewOn!!!
Yea Ya’ll This is the FINALE!!! Pep TALK turn into a PEP RALLY!!! TDE’s Kendrick Lamar was up and I’m nervous!! I’m hoping no one Kills My VIBE as this point ‘cause I am focused and in the moment!! I’m anxious because if he didn’t live up to my expectations I would be very upset. BUT BOY DID HE DELIVER! Performance A+, Delivery A+, Vibe A+— I was mesmerized!!
And he was full of surprises too!! I love surprises.  He brought out JCole, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, E-40, Too Short, Lil Wayne—YES Lil Wayne. 
I was just like “man this is the BEST THING EVVEERR!!!”
WOOO, it’s going to be hard to find an experience to top that!! My goodness, my heart is racing as I recap!
In conclusion, it was the Greatest, Most Wonderful-est, Most-You-Should-Have-Been-There Moment of 2012. #MyWorld #MyMusic.
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  1. I love Kendrick Lamar as well…have loved him since his Black Hippie days. Man I can't wait to attend all those Cali concerts…as a resident! I remember when I went for summers when I was younger and the concerts there are unlike anything I've ever experienced musically. And I'm just…ugh. excitement.I'm super late but I do this thing when I follow new blogs and skin through the archives and do a little catching up so don't mind the flush of comments to come, lol.-Chymere

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