#’Dodging’ Balls with LOADED Bases

Hey Guys!!

I’m back again! And to my surprise I have another sporting event to share.  I feel like I’m being groomed into an avid sports fan! Now, Now…I must admit that I’m not sure of what’s going on in the game 99.8% of the time, BUT I do CHEER when someone one scores…REGARDLESS of the team.  That almost got me two-pieced the other night but I have to do me no matter what lol. A few nights ago I attended The Dodgers vs The Brewers game at the Dodgers’ Stadium. This was my first Dodgers game and my second baseball game…and to really appreciate this sport you usually need A DRANK IN YO CUP!!! (You know wassup haha… you know the song) Some people watch for the excitement of the game—“Who will win Billy?”  “Who do you think will make great plays tonight James?” they say…Well, I’m not there yet! I watch for the B-O-Y-S! There I said it…And honestly the Dodgers were a pleasant surprise on the eye-candy front! Yes, Matt Kemp!!! Matt Kemp!!! But a few other starters on the team were worthy of a second look. De Jesus!! (which I actually pronounced ‘Geez-us’ instead of ‘Hey-seus’ until a near by fan corrected me #TheEmbarrasement) Check him out–cutie.  Number 16, I forgot your name but I appreciated your form 😉 Baseball is a game of strength, aim, and speed…what’s not to like ladies?? #jussay.  These guys actually get paid to ‘knock it out of the park’, unlike all these rapper that give us the same tired “hit it out the park” analogy we hear all the time nowadays. No thanks, I’ll go with the real thing baby lol

The game was great, I THINK the Dodgers’ lost (I’m still working on reading the score board—not quite as simple as basketball or football).  Kemp is to The Dodgers what Kobe is to The Lakers yes yes, but the other night his performance was a lil smoked out (he must be messing with Rihanna again jk hahaha #noshade)…I would say that baseball is an underrated sport, that makes for a great outing! Kemp kept striking out; he hit the ball over his head TWO times. I was #Dodging. Then he almost got SMACKED in the head with a speed ball from the pitcher once or twice, true comedy I say lol. However,I can definitely tell you that M. Kemp has a mean catching arm when in the outfield. He was catching them balls like the rent was due hunnty! “How cliché!?” We came down to the ninth ending with #loadedbases, similar to that movie ‘Angels in the Outfield’…only this time ‘De Jesus’ did not deliver and Kemp wasn’t able to slide into home base and save the game.

Either way!! I had a great time #Dodging Balls at Dodgers Stadium. I have to do it again, LOADED bases and all.

Tootles Love Angles,


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