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Bruh! Is it me or do humans get more annoying as they age? TF! This post is about dealing with people. You may be surprised to know that on my very first job out of college, I almost got into it with a fellow employee. Why, because she wasn’t putting RESPEK on my name. Did we get into it? No! But one thing that she said really stuck with me. I ensured her that her actions were forcing me to react the way that I did.  She replied “I can’t make you do anything…” This is the key to life folks. No one can MAKE you do anything. (Kids, cover your ears. Your parents and elders can make you do as they see fit lol)

But us adults. We have to take control over and responsibility for the way that we allow people to affect us and have us react or respond. While I get it, no one wants to be disrespected…getting upset and showing emotion is not the answer. It really is a dog-eat-dog world and you CAN NOT be impulsive when it comes to matters at your job or professional settings. People will just write you off or even worse, you could be FIRED; depending on how far you go, you might get sued or locked the hell up.

You have to learn to play a different game. People cross you, don’t get mad…get even. (That sounds so evil lol). But really. You have to decide what getting even means to you. Having a vengeful heart is not right, so don’t seek revengeful perse but you do need to set the record straight when people get it twisted. Step away from the situation, take a deep breath and retreat. Crazy thing is, half the time rude and disrespectful ass people either do it so much that they can barely decipher or only do it cause they feel that they have dominion or authority over you (and you can’t/won’t do anything.)  After you have cooled off, address them. Could be the next day, could be an hour later. BUT YOU  HAVE TO COOL OFF. Ever been an argument and said something you didn’t mean, yea well…your loved ones will be more forgiving than your colleagues, business partner or supervisor. Try not to burn that bridge if you don’t have to.


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