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The Life As Shay Report:

“Take the feeling pass it on! Just pass it on!”

That happens to be a line from my favorite Daley song. Kinda crazy ‘cause I just discovered him yesterday. Yes, I said it. I was out of the loop and it is with sorrow that I admit that but with great happiness that I say I am not longer in the dark and I will show you guys to the light too!

A good friend of mine had invited me to attend his show about a week ago and I figured I would get around to it. The day of the show came around and I still hadn’t heard a song from Daley or even purchased a ticket for the show but I threw caution to the wind and started a mad dash to explore his music in preparation for seeing him live later that night.  Funny thing, I don’t like to learn new music. I enjoy music so much better when I know the song…it’s almost like anxiety that I feel when I have to hear something new for the first time. BUT good music always feels comfortable and familiar and THAT is how I gauge.

Seeing Daley at the El Rey Theater last night was one of my most memorable musical experiences to date…how many people get to discover a favorite song by an artist and watch them perform it live a few hours later. Daley is the truth and I say that with all sincerity.

His sound is so eclectic, yet familiar, soothing yet real and if I had just a dollar left, I would spend it on a piece of his music. I’m trying to tell ya’ll! Mmmh picture like Mint Condition, Prince, Jazz, R&B, Funk, day dreams, poetry and butterflies wrapped up…yup, that’s Daley.

BUT WAIT- His live performance was so engaging, I was so enthralled that at the end of the show I was spent. I was like “Please, nobody  talk to me for 20 minutes.” And he sounds PITCH PERFECT, dead on like the original track…no studio tricks over here.

Basically do yourself a favor and say hello to my British Musical Fantasy- DALEY. His album Days+ Nights is out…amazing from start to finish.

Check out my fav “Pass It On”

  • Keesha

    I LOVE DALEY! “Those Who Wait” ?? Whaaaaaaaaaa thats mahhh joint! <3 When will he be back in LA??