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#Cheers to that—Fred Segal Just to Mingle: #Super #Shades

The Life As Shay Report:

Hey Love Angels,
I have a few more events to update you on but I had to share this one right away! Last night I attended the official celebration of Super (Eyewear) moving to Fred Segal in Santa Monica. Super, handmade Italian eyewear line has some rock-star frames for ya!!  From my experience with Forever 21 and H&M shades (insert laughter and judgment here lol) I am pretty great at gauging the quality sunglasses…and you can totally mark my words when I say “Theses sunglasses are the crème de la crème.”  Italian, handmade—#Cheers to that!  All of their frames are fresh (like do my Dougie “fresh”), with clean lines, bold shapes, unique and still universal enough that most faces will look great with any pair—oh and not to mention that #Super #Shades are likely  to have been worn by AT LEAST MOST of your fav celebs!!
This was such a trendsetter event, the hipsters of the city and look—your girl was there so I guess we are making progress ‘round these parts—#Cheers to that too!!  I had a mini-shoot with myself and my Iphone because I ended up being solo last night.  Yup, I went out by myself! I have some friends that would rather eat cold snail slim then to go out and be seen as a loner in public but me I see the beauty in being alone.  Hey look at it like this, if someone wants to come over and chat they certainly won’t feel intimated by your cock-blocking girlfriend lol. Or wait, here is a better one…you don’t have to be dragged to the bathroom every 5 minutes just so your homegirl can check her hair-that was  already messed up before we even left the house (Hahaha JK— If you were my friend I would tell you about your hair, don’t worry)
The event had pasta, a nod to its Italian roots and endless, yummilicious drinks.  The coolest part was what I called the ‘STUNT-TING-LIKE-MY DADDY’ corner.  This was the corner with a wall full of #Super #Shades ready for try on!  As you can see from my pics, I tried on my share of pairs …it was total fun times! I Mixed, I #Mingled and made some great connects and reconnected with a few.
This event really gave me perspective on where I want to go with my career as I continue to attend events and work others I am gathering notes on how to best build my very own empire.
Remember guys! Every day is a chance to meet someone new, learn something new and fight to get one step closer to your DREAMS. Now get out there!!  You’ll do # Super!—#Cheers to that!

My Inexplicable Life as Shay.

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