Check the yokes in your circle, today.

The yoke, the yoke!! What about it?

You gotta be equal with it. Equally yoked. With your friends and lovers, you better find their yoke and make sure it ALIGNS or EXCEEDS yours. How can a yoke align?

I will answer your question with questions?

Do you have the same moral system? Do you have the same code of ethics? Do you have the same drive or ambition? Do you pray to the same God? Do you believe in the same things?








It’s the center of the person. It’s what makes this individual who they are. You desperately need to be aligned with the people you spend most of your time with and allow close to you. If not, you’ll find yourself pulled right off track. Disrupted. Confused. Equal or better is the concept. For someone that exceeds you, that means their faith may be a little stronger, their ambition a little hungrier, their believes may have a bit more perspective. This is good. You will automatically become a better person by being around this individual. Why? Because you are growing and learning. Is that not what life’s about?

PSA: Don’t be lame. Check the yokes in your circle, today.

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