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#CCD: Every Time I Come Around Your City…

The Life As Shay Report:

Robbins Bros.—California based Jewelry Store with specialization in unique enhancement rings. Last week Robbins Bros. held a private Jewelry Networking Soirée. And as you guessed it– YOUR GIRL WAS IN THE HOUSE!

Champagne. Cupcakes. Diamonds.(CCD) = A girl’s bestfriend x 3.

The event was beautiful and as a planner I really enjoyed delving more into another facet of the event planning industry. The event featured The Knot (Wedding Planning Company) with other local wedding industry companies. The non-profit Dress for Success was in partnership with Robbins Bros. for this event and RB donated $25.00 to Dress for Success and their mission for each individual in attendance.
During this event you were URGED to indulge and try on the pieces!!! Yes—TRY ON. Yes—DIAMONDS.  Yes—Tens of Thousands of Dollars +.  I was evading the engagement ring table all evening because I THINK it is a bad omen to try on an engagement/wedding ring before you are actually engaged/married.  Well I broke that superstition, split that pole and walked under that ladder. The ring slide on my finger and it was HOME. 14K White Gold, 1K diamond, swivel overlapping bands. #CCD
Champagne. Cupcakes. Diamonds.(CCD) = A girl’s bestfriend x 3
By this time I’m experiencing total euphoria and I just don’t see how the evening could get any better.  Until—Duh, Duh, DUUUHHH! Robbins Bros. announces the evening’s raffles. Raffles were on deck, OK. And I don’t mean the kind where you pay $1.00 for a ticket stub and a chance win a $10.00 gift card to Borders. This was the type of raffle that could change your life–Ladies, Ladies, Ladies!!! We’re talking about thousands of dollars worth of diamonds. Diamonds that you didn’t have when you left the house that morning. Diamonds that would be yours forever from that point on. DIAMONDS! All that excitement but needless to say I didn’t win a “condo ’round my neck” but the gift bags were #SuperBad!! Blinging, flexible wrap around bracelet, Essie nail polish, gift cards, candles, beaded energy bracelets and MORE!!
I swear–the goodies that I get spoiled with during these events are such a silver lining.
Life is good. Live it.
My Inexplicable Life as Shay.
  • Robbins Brothers Blogger

    I LOVE this post Shay! You are hilarious and it was such a pleasure to have you at the event! You are forever on our guest list. See ya next time my friend.Tracey

  • "Life As (Planned by) Shay"

    THANKS TRACEY!! Glad you enjoyed! The pleasure was all mine to be in attendance– See you next time 🙂