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Career < Care

Today’s post is inspired by recent cover art for THE NEW YORKER (image featured above). Take a moment to look closely. The manual laborers tending to the campus lawn are 2015 graduates, they attentively focus on their work as the new 2016 graduates bask in their excitement.

LISTEN! When I tell you this image struck a cord with me. As as 2011 college graduate, I honestly believe that my class had it rough but these newer classes my have it worst. There just aren’t enough jobs to accommodate the increase in educated professionals! Not only does it make getting a job super competitive but it also depresses salary offerings. Corporate institutions see it as “hey, why pay more when I can get a better candidate for nearly free.” Always remember that you’re likely worth 2 to 3 times what you’re paid. Technology and the constant streamlining of processes don’t help really, it just obliterates the need for actual workers. With that being said, it would seem that there’d be some sort of reports directing us away from student loans and “cookie cutter” lucrative careers. But no, college and student loans are BIG business.

Now, please don’t get me wrong; I have two degrees and plan to pursue a 3rd but you gotta understand that those days of majoring in a field for the money are long gone!

If you’re going to do anything, I’d urge you to actually believe in it and CARE about the purpose that industry serves. Having a career is great but living a life in which you do something that you care about each day is greater.

Don’t get caught up in the trap and NEVER look down on someone because of what they do for a living. Consider that someone making a bit over minimum wage and debt free is actually more financially sound than a person 150k in debt making a few thousand dollars more a year. Just saying.

Career < Care stp

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