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The Life As Shay Report:
This past weekend Power 106 hosted their 2013 Cali Christmasconcert. I was not expecting to attend this year’s concert, and I didn’t attend it…I “EXPERIENCED” it! I experienced it in the best way too, as a form of total shock and surprise.
This past Saturday evening, I got home around 8:30p after a long day of running errands and was just settling in to relax when I got a call telling me to get dressed because we were going to Cali Christmas, well not just going to Cali Christmas but with backstage passes. This is why I love the company I keep! So random and offbeat yet so official and legit. The concert started at 7:00p, but here we were close to 9:00p getting ready to head to the Honda Center. (Please note that the Honda Center in Anaheim was not a hop-skip and jump away)
Somehow, time stood still and we made it there in time to grab our backstage passes and catch the tail end of J. Cole’s performance.(Preceded by B.o.B., 2 Chainz, Rick Ross, Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean and some more)
I have seen J. Cole perform in the past as a surprise guest, just popping in for a song or two and rolling out…but this time I got to catch a few songs and it was damn good.  His music translates beautifully with a live band, I tell you.
Cali Christmas was a real show.
Often when you have festival-style concerts hosted by radio stations, with multiple acts and things going on, the production quality is low. But with the pitch perfect sound system, live band, stage space, lighting and backdrop visuals it was a REAL DAMN SHOW.
We enjoyed J. Cole from backstage and made our way out to check out the headliners, Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy. Surprise! We’re right on the side of the stage. My concert experiences just get better and better, any closer and I would have been on stage asking for mic to perform too.
Funny, Kendrick Lamar was the headliner at the last Cali Christmas and I recall being surprised to know that he trumped some of the other names on the bill. This time it was a given that he would headline. It was a great performance; essentially it was his Yeezus Tour set…as expected. But that didn’t limit my sensory overload.
School Boy Q performed Collard Greens, Ab- Soul popped out for a second too. Did I miss Jay Rockor were my eyes closed? Not sure. I expected Black Hippy and/or its member’s individually, outside of Kendrick, to perform a bit more…it didn’t happened. (Insert face of concern here)
Kendrick Lamar is performing Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe…he gets to the line “you aint get killed in Vegas, or in a Suburban, n*gga Puffy Daddy wasn’t your favorite…” AND MOTHA-FREAKIN SURPRISE!! OUT COMES PUFFY DADDY.
I was speechless. I love Diddy and there he was adding another surprise to the very “surprise-ful” night. First of all, it was Puffy Daddy, not P. Diddy,  on stage dancing and bopping around like the 90’s. I couldn’t help but to think I missed out on something good, being too young to see his shows back in the day.
He performed his rap from Future’s Same Time remix. I see why he is so successful; he got it…all of it, whatever it is.
The crowd went ape-shit at their command; I had the best time watching the audience. It was fun to watch people become Kendrick Lamar fans before my eyes, I heard everything from “Wow, he can perform” to “ I get it now.”
Surprise! From what I gathered, Cali Christmas was the ish bruh, bruh.

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