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SXSW is a Music, Film and Interactive Conference that takes place once a year in Austin, TX. People travel from all over the world to be attend. With workshops, seminars, exhibits, shows, events and more, all based on what’s current in the Industry. I am sure that the experience is one to remember for those fortunate to attend. However, early this morning a very tragic incident took place.
An intoxicated driver refused to yield to a random DUI check point and in turn made a mad dash to get away speeding through the streets hitting and injuring 23 people and killing two. I could not phathom attending a conference for fun, networking and hoping to create memories of a lifetime and being rundown by a selfish drunk driver that was so afraid to be charged for driving under the influence that he took lives and injured innocent bystanders. The suspect will be charged with two counts of capital murder and 23 counts of aggravated man slaughter. The worst part is that he was drunk and probably won’t even recollect what happened that evening. People, driving and drinking is lethal.
Please take a moment of silence for those personally affected by this incident. No names have been released but those people are someone’s sons, daughters and cousins.
I would like to dedicate “Blessed” to the victims.


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