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I’m checking in for your official Life As Shay Report and today’s topic is #STYLE AND #GRACE…
The WORLD knows Kendrick Lamar and at this point Top Dog Entertainment (TDE) is synonymous with his name but “BOY-OH-BOY if ya didn’t know TDE’s Black Hippy I BET YOU KNOW THEM NOW.” 
Last week TDE released the Black Hippy Remix to Rocko’s U.O.E.N.O.  Some think it risky to do a remix without the original players on the song but here, I MEAN THIIS ONE RIGHT HERE…didn’t need the track’s original artists for validation. 
I am very familiar with Black Hippy and this track in particular  I would like to share as the epitome of who they are as a group and how they carry their own as individual artists #Style. These guys are competitive supporters of each other’s work! THEY ALLL think they are the best and use that as #AMMO to reach hiiigher.  
On the track and from the group #Kendrick is first up, setting the tone for Black Hippy but each of Black Hippy’s members have WAY MORE than an average offering to deposit to our musical memory banks. 
They each are above and beyond what we see now or have seen in a while. #RappersBeware
Black Hippy is the type of group that you would be better off getting along with, or stay out of the way—FAR OUT THE WAY.  You don’t want to be compared to what they are doing because you will PALE IN COMPARISON.
On this track we lead with Kendrick, his signature melodic flow with inflections and unique tones to peak the listening organ’s interest #Grace… This flow took me back to Overly Dedicated…a bit cocky, still straight laced but very “You see me, I’m here now…Wassup?!” Hahaha MY MAN. 
Next, School Boy Q, the self-proclaimed Puffy Daddy of this generation brings that RAH-RAH, energy mixed with a slowed-down “I’m flying with the fishes” pace.  His flow makes you want to bob your head to every syllable, he keeps the tempo and throws us witty phrases—CATCH.  He passed it to Ab-Soul. NOW SOUL, you have to tap into your higher thinking to tune into what he is spittn but this time he turned it down for the masses—and still delivered some fire. #U.O.E.N.O 
Then JAY ROCK! He may be one of the lesser known members of the group but he is one of my favs from Black Hippy—his flow is so classic, west-coast, gangstahhh, hard.  With his heavy voice and #RAW rhymes…I highly recommend that you to search for Jay Rock’s BET ‘The Backroom’ Freestyle and he will make you a believer.  Just raw. 
For those that have not heard of Black Hippy before this or if you would like to simply get more acquainted, below you can find each individual artist and the song that is most representative of their #STYLE and #GRACE. 
Kendrick Lamar: Barbed Wire
School Boy Q: Yay Yay
Ab-Soul: Illuminate
Jay Rock: Hood Gone Love It
I second everything that they represent, look deeper and you will see that these young guys are representing an entire culture and have a message of “raising the level of expectations.” 
The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Remember, “Don’t take life too serious, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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