#Billboard Music Awards 2013 Blue Carpet Edition: Battles, Rih-Incarnations, Smashes…Et cetera, Et cetera

 “HAVE A SEAT–In the back”

Hello My Love Angels, 
I know that you have been inundated with review after review of the 2013 Billboard Music Awards and red carpet arrivals but I AM HERE to provide you with the OFFICIAL LIFE AS SHAY REPORT.  Above, I have put together a quick snippet of all you needed to take away from the red-carpet arrivals yesterday evening.
Let’s dive right in! 
Starting off we have the “Battle of the Leg”Kelly Rowland, JLo and Selana Gomez are ALLL giving me that Angelina Jolie leg and I can’t quit decide who takes the cake but it’s pretty obvious that they have each been in the gym working those thighs and calves for the right to pose as photographed above. All are stunning woman, completely flawless but all things considered (Styling, Hair, Make-up, Presentation/Stance) I have graded as such—
Kelly Rowland: B+, JLoC+, Selena Gomez A+. 
HAHAHA Stop playing ladies… “You ain’t nothing but a hound dog.”  In their houndstooth wardrobe, Yes Miley Cyrus and Nayer are giving me Cruella de Vil served on a platter of luke-warm mess (not quite HOT MESS).  Miley gets major points for looking AMAZING– hair, skin, make-up…but “THE FIT, YOU SHOULD HAVE QUIT.”  And Nayer, please cover up love…your chas-chas are flapping in the breeze like sitting ducks as you cover your head with a hood and your hands with gloves as to assert your modest demeanor–#conundrum
But wait, because we have two LOVELY ladies that need to “Have a seat”— but they can’t because if they sit they will surely have with bare nether regions slather the seat…which could have been the point from the start, but I digress.  Yes, the QUEEN #MADONNA , you can have a seat.  She is stunning and her body puts woman half her age to SHAME, but dressing as a $2 biddy at her age and level of fame is a bit blah. And Ke$ha, #NO…because it appears that the side of her dress was slit 30 seconds before she walked onto the carpet in order to allow leg room to walk. #TheTry and the #Fail
Now this little recap just warms my heart! Rihanna couldn’t make is to the #BBA but her 2013 Grammy dress could.  It appears that Nicki Minaj was #Rih-Incarnated for the evening.  HOW SMASHING!
I must say that I love the turn that Nick has taken in her choice of hair, make-up and wardrobe, she has really been looking amazing lately…so amazing that when I saw her on the carpet last evening and I IMMEDIATELY- IMMEDIATELY thought of the official “red-carpet slayer” Ms. RiRi.  Too bad they dressed Nick as Rihanna’s stunt double from February 2013.  But All’s Well that Ends Well. 
And coming in at number ONE and number ONE ZILLION!! We have the two ladies that SMASHED THE GAME last evening with their BEST & WORST dressed looks. Interesting how the best and worst dressed ladies donned looks that remembered shattered and #smashed glass of sorts, but boy do they measure up different…Oh my darling Taylor Swift, that cobalt blue, fractured dress with peek-a-boo shoulder panels just did everything…I have a few words to express this look #FLY #CHIC #BBAReady #YOUWIN…Now on the other end of the totem pole we have  Z. Lala— looking like a Lady Gaga knock-off is the last thing I would wish on anyone. If you wear something that prohibits people from hugging you, touching you, you can’t sit down, you can’t see your feet and/or you have to worry about being injured from a false move— YOU WORE THE WRONG THING. 
That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Thank you for plugging in for the first Official Life As Shay Report—remember, “Don’t take life too serious, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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