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Biggie’s #10CrackCommandments Applied to LIFE!

Today marks the 20th year since Biggie Small’s untimely death. His legacy permeates black culture, pop culture, business culture…culture, culture (you get the picture). But today I realized that Biggie applies to “success” culture too. Listen, I am in the middle of my second semester of law school, and frankly…shit gets rough. So this here post is for all the people working towards something greater than what they have at the moment. For the people that are striving and in need of a few guidelines to keep you in check.

Biggie laid it out for you. Here is his 10 Crack Commandments interpreted for application to everyday life…

1: Never brag too much. Keep it to yourself to avoid the drama that jealousy may bring.

2: (Follow-up to number 1). Don’t tell people what you’re doing. Move in silence. Let the achievements speak for you…

3: Be mindful of where and with whom you place your trust.

4: Don’t deplete your resources frivolously.

5: Properly separate your business from your personal life. You set the rules. When you’re working, you’re working…when you’re off, you’re off.

6: NO CREDIT, pay with cash. What you can do now, don’t put off until tomorrow.

7: “Money and blood don’t mix…” Friends and family are meant to remain just that. Be cautious of mixing business and pleasure. The grind is hard enough, don’t lose relationships in the process.

8: Make sure you cover your butt. Keep receipts, keep records. Pay attention to information you share in emails, texts, social media or in conversation.

9: Watch the company you keep.

10: CONSIGNMENT. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Pace yourself and deliver, EVERY TIME.

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