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Big Sean’s “Hall of Fame”: Rated #SG

The Life As Shay Report:
I had to review and share, haven’t heard people speak on it much since its official release, August 27, 2013. Soooo,  just so that you know…

Big Sean’s “Hall of Fame” is rated #SG
Solid Gold. So GOOD. Big Sean’s second studio album is here and it’s a treasure. I would not count Big Sean out if I were you, he may not be THE lyricist but he is a storyteller in his own right, who doesn’t love a a good story? He is an artist that can, has and will continued to hold his own.

Track by track, I have left you guys with my initial thoughts as I listened for the first time…raw and real. But I must say…the more I listen, the more I love. 

1. Nothing Is Stopping You: Inspiring story of how he came to be and the importance of paying it forward. This is a melody strong tune…something like a lullaby to soothe the weary thoughts of those striving to make it to the ‘Hall of Fame.’

2. Fire: Solid Album track. More of his story but “Hey Big Sean, where is the chorus?”

3. 10 2 10: “Working like I’m Mexican…from 10 2 10, to 10 2 10, then 10 again.” Be careful listening to this track, it’s very catchy. This could be a hit, something is missing but I get the picture. Hustle.
4. Toyota Music: “Feeling like the 70s, get paid like we 70…” Kickback, laid back track.
5. You Don’t Know: LOVE this track, turn this one up as HIIIIGGGHHH as you can…This track captures the sound of the entire album.
6. Beware (Feat. Lil Wayne & Jhené Aiko): DOPE, very original, infectious. “One time for the ladies!” Head-bobbing, finger snapping.  Do yourself a favor and get into Jhené Aiko
7. First Chain (Feat. Nas & Kid Cudi) “Control” flow from Big Sean. Nice work fellas. “Nas is that you?” ‘The Award for The Dopest Ad libs of 2013’ goes to Kid Cudi. He is on the end of the track, just harmonizing away. Nice combo.
8. Mona Lisa: “Oh really Big Seany Sean…” Nice club banger, I feel like I’m at Greystone on a Sunday. Very Meek Mill-ish.
9. Freaky: …*Oh Gawd*
10. Milf (Feat. Nicki Minaj & Juicy J): Funny as hell, very original. Banging beat. A$$ Part II.
11. Sierra Leone / Greedy Ho’s: Sexy tune, grown. Big Sean could have smoothed it out a lil more. “This song belonged on Wiz Khalifa’s last album?” The skit felt like a skit from a 1990’s rap album. Nailed it.

12. It’s Time (Feat. Jeezy & Payroll) “Who said put Jeezy on this song? You my friend deserve a bonus. FIRE, don’t know whether to dance or mean mug. Boss-like behavior here.”
13. World Ablaze (Feat. James Fauntleroy): “Listen to the entire song. You will be glad you did.” Beautifully told. Go Big Sean!

14. Ashley (Feat. Miguel): “This is some superstar ish right here, WELL, WELL done Sean, well, well done–I anxiously awaited each word, I just wanted to know what was next, what would he say next?  Miguel, thank you…you’re far too kind.”

15. All Figured Out: You don’t get the album until you take in this song. This ties together the entire concept. He is wise. Enter into the ‘Hall of Fame.’ Inspired.
This album deserves a listen and a purchase…Hey D-town! #SG

The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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