The Life As Shay Report:

Beyonce. Power. Those two words are quite synonymous these days. With the surprise drop of her latest, self-titled album featuring hit-after-hit of addictive  “in-your-face” Yonce tunes she sent the world into a trance.  With 617, 000 sales in 3 DAYS, it’s rather hard to deny her POWER. This album ventures off and explores  sides of Beyonce that she previously held guarded, her womanhood, her love, her passion, her confidence her Power is on full display.

But it doesn’t stop there, as if her album wasn’t empowering enough to woman all over the world, she writes an essay contributing to Maria Shrivers’s annual report on the status of women in America. Beyonce stand’s for gender equality, stating that the notion “is a  myth.”

There you have it, another reason to love Beyonce. There are two songs that come to mind in times like this, I am sure that everyone can relate to at least one of the two.  Nowadays this may be the only thing these two guys agree on!


Kendrick Lamar- Beyonce

Video Courtesy of Steve Bradley

Drake-Girls Love Beyonce

Vi doe Courtesy of MurkPosner

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