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Beyonce for Prime Minister: Brit Awards’ “XO”

The Life As Shay Report:

Well the last time I seen Beyonce on a world stage was the 2014 Grammy’s, where she performed “Drunk In Love” with hubby, Jay-Z. The performance was not received as the typical “euphoric Beyonce experience” but most were just excited to see the hit song performed live for the first time.

Well that was then and now…she has made a smash “comeback” so to say. Not sure if it’s considered a comeback when you are “THE” best in the game, but considering what she served at the Grammy’s and what she served at the Brit Awards earlier this week, I would have to say….mmmm it was a hell of a comeback. That or American Awards shows bore her now.

Check out Beyonce razzling and dazzling the world with her performance of “XO.” Beyonce for Prime Minister of the UK after that performance. Good night!


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