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Beyonce Accepts VMA Vanguard- Is she MJ Status? (Full Performance Inside)

The Life As Shay Report:

Beyonce just may be this generation’s Michael Jackson. Millions sold, screaming fans around the world, a household name. And I mean really, did you see her performance at the 2014 MTV VMA’s last night. If you didn’t no need to worry, I got you covered. But honestly, can you imagine how electrifying she has to be in person? If this is half of what “On the Run” concert goers got, I get it, I get it. No, no, no I was traveling and not able to attend my city’s “On the Run” tour but the reviews were off the chart with people saying things like “Beyonce is from another planet”, “She have me all the life I needed.” and the famous, “I wish I was Blue Ivy.”

Check out her full performance from the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards.

WELCOME BACK! Well, we kinda did have the chance to be Blue Ivy, thanks to MTVs panoramic shots we had the chances to experience Beyonce’s performance almost like we were sitting in the audience next to Jay and baby Blue.

Blue Ivy and Jay
Credit: Kevin Mazur/MTV1415/WireImage

Was it her seamless story-line medley of songs from her album Beyonce? Was it her “Flawless” hair and make-up? Her velvety voice, or that show-stopping Tom Ford bedazzled one piece? Or maybe it as the jumbo fans, wisping her hair all night. No matter what it was…Beyonce captivated the world for those 15 minutes that she performed at the VMAs leading up to her Vanguard Award.

Her presence was down right Queenly. Beyonce has proved herself worthy of standing alongside the King of Pop, Michael Jackson in musical history as one of the greatest. Or has she?

Now let the discussion of the performance’s “appropriateness” and speculations of lip-syncing commence. Is Beyonce officially Michael Jackson status?

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