BETAwardsWeek: #TheSwitchUp

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The other night was my first of a few shindigs during the BET 2012 Awards Week. Tuesday night I attended the Dreams Unlimited Launch Event at Rolling Stones Lounge in Hollywood. It was a fun burst of beautiful people and live performances.
Funny thing is-I noticed that I can only wear my natural hair to this venue! Random I know, but so so true. This was my second time in this predicament. First time–I worked the Curlz 10th Anniversary event (at the same venue) and I wore my natural #curlz…AND this time I had my au natural as well, only thing is, this time wasn’t intentional. But #theswitchUP—changes will either throw you off or throw you on. I learned a valuable lesson that night about preparedness and the believing that the “show must go on.”
The insiders scoop: the date of this event slipped my mind and once I recalled it was the night before–mmhhh! So I rushed out trying to find something to wear, successful-BOOM! If you know me-I have vivid ideas of how I want to look when certain occasions come up…And this was no different, but the issue with that way of thinking is that you end up with tunnel vision and even something cute will go under the radar because you are so one tracked. But for this event I was already ‘man down’ because I had just gotten my hair styled in a curly natural do. So! What’s the big deal, right? Well I didn’t plan THAT hair for THIS event. Yea, I said it—I’m so used to a straightened look when I’m doing events or in the public eye–unless curly hair is related to the nature of the event, I’m not buying it. Please slap a flat iron, a ponytail or something on this head. But LADIES, let me say “its nothing like having people admire YOUR HAIR as YOUR HAIR naturally is” #priceless. Its right up there with being acknowledged for your beautiful: sweatpants, hair tied, chilln with no makeup on #jussayn! I def was turned on to a whole different way of viewing myself, my hair, and my insecurities of wearing my hair natural in certain situations. Lesson learned and note taken…I actually love my hair like this and plan to make it a reoccurring look 🙂 #TheSwitchUpInFullEffect.
As for the event, l was very comfortable because I felt like I had met all of these people before–at some place or time. And I put this on everything, if another person says
“Excuse me, you look familiar…are you on TV?” I’m def gonna have to get some headshots and an agent to put me to work, according to the people’s demand of course lol. Out here that is the ultimate compliment and I accept graciously. The event road was rocky in the beginning but it all smoothed out, everything came together and the people came out! Open bar ‘yup’, successful black people ‘yup’ = Pre-#BETAwardsWeekParty ‘yup yup’! It was a beautiful night and I’m glad I had the chance to be apart of it. 
–My inexplicable Life As Shay

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