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#BETAWARDS 2013 RECAP: #VIP VIBE Mag Party-#InTheSpizni-eeeee

The Life As Shay Report:
I was invited to this party and wasn’t sure I should attend. I thought that maybe it was one I could miss, or maybe it was just a party that wasn’t worth going down to Hollywood on a busy Thursday night for.

But I said “Hey, I’ll give it a try…” So I rushed from work, got dressed…well tried to get dressed and in my frustration of not finding a suitable fit I completely missed the point of going out. Finally, I put on my ole trusty grey and black printed dress and headed out half ready for the night and half ready to head back home.
But boy am I glad I made it #InTheSpizni-eeeee! This event was a pleasant surprise.
It was a very intimate and private, lounge-style gathering that turned out to be one of my favorite BET Awards week events.
Held at Lexington Social House, one of my favorite Hollywood venues, but this evening gave me another reason to love it even more! Upon arrival we were whisked away to a private, hidden cove entrance up back stairs. This alone was intriguing because I have been to this venue a million times but had never seen this side—Cool! All I’m thinking, “Oh you’re #VIP NOW GIRLY!” 🙂
We enter and everything is candle-lit and romantic, to say the least. Each table dressed with VIBE Magazines for guests to enjoy.
Lots of networking, picture taking, sweet drinks.
This well produced event brought out celebs…too many to name but execs, reality show stars, actors and artists all alike, young and old, where #InTheSpizni-eeee!!! Ok, I can name a few *tehehehehe* #GunPlay #BustaRhymes #MimiFaust  #BrookeBailey #MorePeopleIShouldKnowButDontRecallTheirNames #AndEvenMorePeopleThatIDidntHaveAChanceToMeet
If you weren’t there you missed it! And you know I grabbed 1 or 4 mags from the tables, don’t judge me.
The Official #LifeAsShay Report—That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
Remember, “Don’t take life too seriously, take it ONE DREAM at a time.”

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