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#BETAWARDS 2013 RECAP: Red Carpet Edition–#SunnyNTheSummer

The Life As Shay Report:
Beautiful People,
I have your Official #LifeAsShay Report from the 2013 BET Awards Red Carpet. I served as a PR Assistant for the show, ushering in media and escorting talent through the red carpet as they mixed and mingled with fellow celebs, posed for pictures with the 106 & Park audience and talked new projects, their wardrobe and favorite artists of the night with the media outlets.
I have worked several red carpets and award shows in the past but this, BY FAR, was the most exciting,  A-list, Star-Studded one of them all.
Now, it just so happen to be that Sunday, June 30, 2013 was one of the hottest days of 2013 in Los Angeles. I’m talking record breaking, suffocating heat…I want us all to take a minute to think back on a time where it was so hot that the heat wave put a dreary cast over you that caused you to fall asleep standing-up or even mid-sentence.
Yup, take that heat and multiple it by 1,000…then you can almost comprehend how hot it was Sunday under the beaming LA SUN! My GOSH, the sun made more of an appearance than any celeb I can tell you about—#SunnyNTheSummer
Once the media was set-up, like clockwork, the talent began to roll in.  And the first red carpet arrival was Trinidad Jame$ in his yellow jacket and white, blue and pink studded loafers. The flow was slow and consistent until around 3:15p–Suddenly I look up and EVERYONE IS ON THE CARPET.
As I’m escorting my talent I look around and begin to see everyone from Brandy to Ashanti, Judge Mathis to 2 Chainz, J Cole to Charlie Wilson, Wale to K. Michelle. And they were all beautiful and smiling—despite the heat. All you had to do was pick your flavor and you could spot someone from your picking…
Reality TV Star: Look Around, I see Rasheeda and her husband
Super Model: There was Beverly Johnson complimenting me on my ear cuff
Olympian: Gabrielle Douglas stepping into an interview
Gospel: Marvin Sapp coming through security
Actor: Terrance Howard bobbing down the carpet
Judge: Mathis (Get it lol) mingling with friends
Number 1 Albums/Grammy Award Winners: ALL OVER THE DURN PLACE
But you get the picture, and so did I, clear as day…I was in the middle of one of the #Hottest (literally and figuratively in this case) Award Shows of the year and I aint even know it.
There was so much going on around the buzzing red carpet that there was little time to even register the talent as they passed you BUT— I can say that my red carpet fav was Ciara in her leather pencil skirt and bralette top. She glided through the red carpet with an easy, breezy flawlessness.
The most beautiful thing of it all was that most of the artists and actors appeared to be amicable towards one another, greeting each other, catching up on old times and even taking personal pictures.
To be there was an honor and quite the #BETExperience.
At the end, I was sun-burned, sweated out and tired but it was all worth it to take part in that moment in history and I would do it all again…NEXT YEAR THOUGH, give me some time to let my sunburn peel ‘cause it’s #SunnyNTheSummer
And get this, I got to do it all with my bestfriend @GernaeAdeleShow

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