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BET AWARDS 2013 Countdown: Who is the QUEEN of the Jungle?

The Life As Shay Report:
Well well well-Looks like this week has tiptoed upon us once again!

That’s right! It’s the WEEK OF THE
2013 BET AWARDS, better known as the #BETEXPERIENCE, where anything is possible.  Taking place this year at LA Live, BET has heightened the game with a WHOLE weekend of activities, seminars, concerts and more, not just for the Celebs but for the FANS…all leading to the Big Show on Sunday, June 30th 8p ET.

This week I will be counting down to the Big Day with a review of the 2013 BET Awards Top Nominees!

Today the Life As Shay Report is kicking it off with the ‘Best Female R&B/Pop Artist’ Category.

And the nominees are…

Tamar Braxton
Alicia Keys
Rihanna and
Elle Varner

Here is my synopsis of this situation….quick and dirty!

Beyoncé: She is so amazingly talented that she has to be included in the nominees each year, no matter what! Maybe I am absent minded but I don’t recall what she released this year…Oh #QueenBee!

Tamar Braxton: Love and War. Need I say more? That song alone puts her where she needs to be to win this category. The video lost me, but even still…she showed the world that she really does have what it takes to be a Superstar R&B Artist! #TeamBraxton

A. Keys: Such a beautiful, positive soul but there is something very recycled about her style and sound…the girl is on fire alright!

Rihanna: America’s bad ass has been putting in work and it will be hard to have another nominee win over her…strictly considering numbers, stats and facts. If we play the number game, SHE WINS. #RihannaNavy

Elle Varner: AMAZING artist, outstanding talent but MAYBE just too sweet. She has the same essence as Melanie Fiona and Jasmine Sullivan…no one can deny the unique talent but the “good girls ain’t no fun.” Where is her promo team ‘cause she deserves the crown? #TeamEllephants

“Who you riding with?”

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