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being real

Being home this week really get me thinking. When people say “oh she’s real” or “oh he’s a real one…” I’m always interested in knowing the answer to the burning question; “HOW??” I mean, you can apply being real to just about anything. Real because you’re honest, trustworthy, loyal, consistent? Real because they let you borrow money, gave you a ride or treated you to a night on the town? I mean what??

Up until recently that was just about all the ways that I’d defined “realness.” But what about being true to yourself and allowing yourself to be your “authentic self.” Sounds pretty simple, but really as we get older we are trained by society to make ourselves fit into a group. As a global society we really can’t stomach the thought of someone being “uncategorizable”. You have fit into some group, to fit under some definition for there to be balance in the universe.

Think about it, just going to work and school we assume different characteristics and fulfill certain expectations of the particular environment. That’s not totally wrong! We gotta have rules and expectations somewhere. But the issue comes in when you take those expectations home, when you forget how to return to your real self. And really, years of conforming can and will change you in some ways.

So returning to the issue, being real. In constantly trying to chase my purpose, I feel like I forget to just BE. It’s not always about being a certain way or looking a certain way…what about just being. Your hair, how does it grow from your head? Do you ever just let it be real?
Your face, the way that it is when you first wake up…do you ever just let it be real. You attire, just the dress or just the jeans and top…do you ever just let it be?

I’m talking about walking out into the world being just the way that you are (after brushing your teeth, taking a shower and putting on clean clothes of course!) But really, no adornments. No eye catching flashy pieces. Just the real you. Last night, my dad challenged me to go out without make-up. He insisted actually. And so I did and I’m surprised at how beautiful I felt. I never wear heavy makeup to begin with but to go bare and have the exact same experience as I have with make-up (same compliments, same confidence) it was an awakening for sure! It was like “Wow, what is this? Is this womanhood? Is this a different level of self awareness and confidence.

Try it, you may be surprised to find that you rely on tangible things a bit more than you realize…or maybe you don’t. Try going out and not doing you’re “usual ritual”; you may be surprised at your level of realness.


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