Being a “good person” sucks…

It does. Being a good person is like being oatmeal with no cinnamon or honey (Idk where I got that from. I don’t even like oatmeal, is that what people use to add flavor? It’s totally gross to me-Eww!)

Being a good person sucks because we can’t even define the concept of a “good person.” Not in a generally accepted definition.

The word “good” to describe a person is so blah. And really the word good is quite subjective…lets delve.

If you’re a criminal that got away with a crime, by the standards that be, for you that’s a good thing. You’re a good criminal. And criminals are people, right? So who is to say that you, that criminal, aren’t a good person? Or if I make sacrifices for others, put myself last and always think and act with empathy and sympathy…that certainly makes me a good person, right? What about if I volunteer weekly and attend church every Sunday….good person?

Describing someone as good is lazy and un-suggestive of anything with substance. EVEN WORST, when people think you’re a “good” person it can be a label that tempts people to manipulate and take advantage of you. Why? Because you’re a good person. “Hated it!” I mean really, being a “good” person sucks. I am not a child and being “good” won’t get me extra toys on Christmas or a student of the month sticker.

To all the “good people” out there, if you, like me are MF TIRED of people taking your kindness, manners and morals as a sign of weakness it’s time to cut it. This means you will have to methodically check people as  they try you. Stand up for what you believe in and be vocal on matters that move you. That’s what makes you good, respect. Don’t be worried about losing your “good person” image. You’re more than that…you’re smart, conscious, responsible and considerate. 

Being a good person “can” suck. 


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