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Beats by Dre & Apple : Dr. Dre the 1st Hip-Hop Billionaire?- “Forgot about Dre”

The Life As Shay Report:

We see Beats by Dre everywhere, all the celebs have them, all the videos feature them and the product placement around the web is intense. But with all that work being put in behind the scenes, and away from the cameras, I think it was safe to say that “They Forgot About Dre.” But now there have been rumors swirling, Dr. Dre could be soon to turn into the FIRST RAP BILLIONAIRE… It has not yet been confirmed but word is-Apple has interest in acquiring Beats by Dre, making the CEO/Co-Founder duo, Jimmy Lovine and Dr. Dre, not only Billionaires, but Apple Executives. This would be groundbreaking for music and Hip-Hop but what does it mean for the integrity of Beats by Dre?

If Apple is offering 3.2 Billion, you would have to know that the empire is likely worth twice that number. But who really gets the 3.2 Billion?

Should Beats remain or be acquired by Apple? I bet all the people that “Forgot about Dre”, remember now and sent a “Hey Buddy, let’s have lunch soon” text!

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