be what you want to attract

This one is a very important message that actually won’t take me much time to share. “Be what you want to attract.” Simply said, harder to do. We can often find ourselves set in our ways (whether we notice it or not). This is why it’s imperative to allow yourself opportunities to experience new things and new people! Of course not, if you live on the same block, hang with the same people, go to the same places and eat the same foods it’s very unlikely to experience growth. You’ll mature. But that growth and broadened perspective that comes from experiencing different foods, cultures, people etc. just can’t materialize.

Being set in your ways and being comfortable with the norm is not a bad thing nor is it hard to do. Some people love their lives and their jobs and want to do exactly what their parents and grandparents have done. They don’t mind the formality. But when you have started to complain about your circumstances and the things and people that you attract…that’s when things get real interesting.

Riddle me this: “How can you expect something amazing when you haven’t put yourself in a position to receive?” No doubt that God bestows an abundance of blessings upon his favored but you have to be in a position to receive as well. You have to put in work, you have to move in the direction you’re wishing to go and act as if the blessings are already yours. The secret to this is making up your mind in what you want, HAVING FAITH, and moving boldly in that direction. 3 steps!

Once you have mastered those 3 steps you’re officially in a position to attract what you want. Why? Because you’re radiating what you want and that same energy will be drawn to you. “Want to be happy?” Pretend to be happy, smile, laugh and speak positively. I promise you that something will happen in your day that will make that happiness real. Imagine if you did that every single day…

With love, you want a boss husband/a boss wife. Want someone that cultured, educated and wealthy in mind, body and spirit. Someone with a great career that loves the Lord and is ( you fill in the rest)…

Either way, the chances of you meeting this person is LOW as hell if you’re not portraying yourself as an equal to such a person. Are you a match for all those amazing traits? Looks and beauty are a great way to grab someone’s attention but they are fleeting and can not hold a real union together. That’s facts.

So how could you really (and I’ve had this happen to me before) complain that the women/men you date are lazy, messy, no ambition, ghetto etc. when you’re the one dating them? You are what you attract and more importantly you receive what you accept.

So the very next time that you find yourself belly aching about your situation…just know that there are levels and you’re more than welcome to experience something better but you better yourself…FIRST!



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