B.E.T.Awards2012: What About Your #Friends??

Yesterday I attended the BET 106 & Park Pre-Show held at the Shrine Auditorium on USC’s Campus. As I’m riding in the car on my way to, I am reminded that the show films OUTSIDE!! Yup, outside…and I wasn’t quite dressed for that, cute but def an inside outfit! But by that time all I could do was thank God that I decided against the initial outfit! Thank you!! But either way the experience was one I won’t soon forget for so many reasons. Being there was truly electrifying and inspirational. I feel like I’m getting closer to my destiny…and with that, events and awards shows are a time to absorb as much as I can. I mean, I was really paying attention to EVERY single detail down to the different types of badges, what type of access they grant.  I even picked up on some names and titles of the TOP DOGS.  All by being attentive. Yesterday gave me so much LIFE, I went home and #redefined my game plan.

The industry is wide open and there are so many ways to get in and get a chance to shine but you def want to be sure that you are coming in the RIGHT way. The right time, the right project, the right people. And the “people” factor plays a huge role. Being associated with the wrong party will lead you to a dead-end by little or no fault of your own.

#Friends. # Acquaintances. #Associates. #Connects. #Contacts. However you choose to describe the people in your life, I’m pretty SURE they will fall into one of the above stated categories. Thing is…to get anywhere in this city you HAVE to have people from at least one of the categories. But the kicker is– these people HAVE to genuinely have your back. The highest ranking of them all is the “friend,” true friend of course, because this city is so icy and heartless no matter how sunny and glam it appears. The ultimate merger is when you have a successful combo ie. a “friend” that has “connects” or an “associate” that has “contacts.” Well–during this week of festivities some things got shifted, people got me twisted and I had to put a few stranglers in the mud (*sad face with a tear*). I always say “If you want to know someone stick them in a room with celebrities or give them the chance to be in such a situation.” Often times you will learn that the friend you thought you had never really existed. And this theory is universal—can be applied to pretty much anything in life. “Stick some people in a room full of money…stick some people in a high powered position” and on and on. But don’t be down Love Angels, you want to have these experiences as early on in the game as you can. Those that flake in these situations will be the same people to embezzle your riches (happiness, time, money, effort, kindness ect.), so be vigilant.
It’s funny how I always have a “lesson learned, note taken” moment.  But that’s what life is all about learning and moving on. This time next year I want to see the growth and fruits of my labor…so I’ll continue the grind.  You’ll catch me on the Tuzzeee!!!!
My inexplicable Life As Shay.

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