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Azealia Banks beef with Iggy over defending Black Art | INTERVIEW

The Life As Shay Report:

I never really caught the Azealia Banks “bug” but when I discovered her a couple years ago I thought she was dope.
But I never took to her and I never watched any interviews. I usually do a regular check with The Breakfast Club for fresh interviews and honestly, they have gone way down in number and quality. And when I’m not satisfied there (which is often), I slide on over to Hot 97.

And surprise, there was an interview with the one and only Azealia Banks. NOW, most of us are most familiar with her from her on-going beef with Iggy Azalea and now also, T.I. You would be made to believe that the beef comes from jealousy on Banks’ part but after this interview I really beg to differ. It’s more about Banks feeling that she is defending Black Art.

Here is the first song and video I saw from Azealia Banks.

In the interview, she made several valid points about racial relations in the country and specifically in Hip Hop and how T.I.’s involvement in the beef with Iggy makes her feel that he is cosigning Iggy’s appropriation of the Hip Hop and Black culture…mmmh. She called T.I. a “shoe-shining coon” amongst other things, but she was sure to lace her assertions with notable supporting details, hhmm. Interesting. She surprised me with her candidness and everything that she said came from a knowledgeable perspective. She even got emotional. She mentioned not being afraid to speak her mind and that she has a right to now without being maced or water hosed, she even mentioned the Freedman Bureau (which shocked the hell out of me.)

She went on to give reference to why she believed Iggy was smudging the black culture with her moves in the industry, her affinity for the Dominican culture, how she got introduced to rapping and how she was discovered.

This is a must see.

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