Looking Up…

This one is for the people that have a hard time finding the good in things. Now, I can not say that your situation is not really bad. I am very understanding in that way because no one can deny our feelings. How you feel is real to you. On the same token, life is… Read More Looking Up…



Everyone is talking about how they have zero “F’s” to give. Usually people who claim to have “zero F’s” really don’t have any to give because they are holding them all inside, to themselves; in the form of worry. That’s right, you know you’re “worried” because “you DO care.” But the issue arises when you… Read More WORRY is the WORST



I had so much fun in LA! I had so much fun being around some of my most favorite celebrities. Had even more fun creating a lane for myself, BY MYSELF, with LifeAsShay.com. As you surely know by now, I hit the Quan. I went ghost. I disappeared. I needed to. Sometimes you gotta hit… Read More Ghosting