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Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”: A brief epilogue

The Life As Shay Report: Welp! I’m back! As you know, if there is one artist that’s able to set fire under my arse and get me back to writing, it’s Kendrick *insert emoji heart eyes* Seeing as how Kendrick released “Humble” about three days ago and there is already 21 million plus views, I… Read More Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble”: A brief epilogue

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I had so much fun in LA! I had so much fun being around some of my most favorite celebrities. Had even more fun creating a lane for myself, BY MYSELF, with As you surely know by now, I hit the Quan. I went ghost. I disappeared. I needed to. Sometimes you gotta hit… Read More Ghosting

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Biggie’s #10CrackCommandments Applied to LIFE!

Today marks the 20th year since Biggie Small’s untimely death. His legacy permeates black culture, pop culture, business culture…culture, culture (you get the picture). But today I realized that Biggie applies to “success” culture too. Listen, I am in the middle of my second semester of law school, and frankly…shit gets rough. So this here… Read More Biggie’s #10CrackCommandments Applied to LIFE!


3 Words

As I searched myself for inspiration this morning, I literally visualized myself “examining myself.” Sort of flipping through my mind, searching for a topic that would send me typing like mad woman on my train ride to work. But then I realized, I had already arrived at a suitable topic “self”! Then I thought, “what… Read More 3 Words