The Life As Shay Report:

There were countless  noteworthy moments that took place last night at the 2013 American Music Awards but I have the best moments right here!

Lady of the Night
Ms. Rihanna is “ICON”. She can do just about anything and make it look good. She is setting trends and breaking records with the flick of her wrist. And just to be sure that everyone understood her reign, last night she wore her hair wrapped to the awards show. AND looked 1,000 doing it. For the record,  check this girl’s stats “Best Selling Digital Artist of ALL TIME.” 50 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD *Worldwide*. 10 Million Followers on 1G, 33 Million Followers on Twitter, 6 Grammys, Most viewed artists on Youtube and by now I am confident that she is trending over her hair, make-up and wardrobe from last night.
 Video Courtesy of American Music Awards
Performance of the Night
“Do What U Want”- Lady Gaga & R. Kelly
This performance was so fun to watch. R. Kelly brought his “Trapped in the Closet” theatrics and Lady Gaga took me to “Monster-Town.” Does anyone else have this song stuck in their head now? Best performance of the evening here…This was an “American-themed” performance, according to Lady Gaga.
 Video Courtesy of American Music Awards
Voice of the Night: MileyCyrus vs. Ariana Grande
I feel like both of these talented artists proved a lot with their 3-minute sets.
Ariana Grande‘s “Tattooed Heart.” Sweet and Lovely
 Video Courtesy of American Music Awards
You can say a lot of Miley Cyrus but one thing you CAN NOT say is “SHE DOESN’T HAVE A VOICE.”  Let’s rewind to her powerful performance of “Wrecking Ball.” *Cat included*
 Video Courtesy of American Music Awards
“Stop The Hate” Moment of the Night
Since that moment years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards when Lil Mama took a leap of faith and hopped on stage with Jay-Z and Alicia Keys during their “Empire State of Mind” performance, Lil Mama has been slammed with harsh criticism and flat-out cruel comments. That happened in 2009 and she still gets poor reception from that decision. With her recent portrayal of the late- Lisa “Left-eye” Lopez in the TLC biopic, Crazy Sexy Cool, Lil Mama has gained her much deserved respect and support. It seems like she is just the one to “pick on.” I really don’t see why people enjoy picking her apart, it’s ruthless and petty. She has proved herself talented and her performance with TLC last night deserves a round of applause.   
 Video Courtesy of American Music Awards

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