am I alive?

In writing the title for today’s post, I felt a bit odd. I ask myself, “is living greater than being alive?” If you answer yes, that would insinuate that you’d rather die if you’re not living. To some that could be extreme and to others that’s just about right. Me, I fall somewhere in between. I’m also considering people who may be ill or have disabilities that prohibit them from living life to its fullest potential. This group of people may very well be just grateful to be alive and see another day and; there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Before we delve, I do think it’s important to say that any day above ground is a blessing and we should not take life for granted! With all the disclaimers out the way….

If you’re reading this now and God has allowed you to see another day, it’s your duty to do something productive, constructive and fulfilling each day! My mom always tells me: “slow down, slow down…you’re always doing something! Why can’t you just do nothing.” I mean I truly do get her sentiments and I think it’s all meant for my good. But really, how am I ever going to build the life I want if everyday is an off day or chill day. Little by little it’s our duty to find our purpose and hunt it down with the sincerest intentions of successfully sharing our gift with those around us. Being in NYC has made my “go and get it” attitude much less of a stand out trait, in that setting that’s just the way of life.

Beyond that, what about being social, experiencing new things and being ACTIVE! If you think that the only time you’re supposed to enjoy yourself or do something for self is on the weekend, you’re definitely just living. What about making memories, taking advantage of each day, allowing yourself to feel, to experience our senses. It’s so much world, so much that even if you lived life to the fullest there would still be a million things that you haven’t seen or experienced. The least you can do is take the chance be ALIVE.


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