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#ALMOST Doesn’t Count: DENIM & Shining Bright like DIAMONDS

The Life As Shay Report:

Hey Lovely Love Angels of Mine,

This time last week I had the extreme pleasure of assisting the Executive Event Producer of the 7th Annual Denim and Diamonds Charity Event hosted by ACT (Autism Care and Treatment) TodayACT Today is a non-profit with the purpose providing direct help to children with autism. The event gathered industry execs, artists, actors and philanthropists all the same in order to honor outstanding supporters of the cause and to inspire further and continued support.

This event has a dear place in my heart for more than one reason: this event was one of my few events that was on my calendar months in advance and I actually had the chance to anticipate the big day and my excitement built as the days grew closer. And secondly, not to mention… ya’ll all know by now that “Shay LOVE the kids!”

The event took place at the beautiful Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. This venue was a hide-away/get-away…IN THE BOONIES…but still a pleasant serene departure from daily life. The evenings festivities took the span of the back lawn and two ballrooms on the Ranch.  Outside we had the red carpet and press, the VIP tent and auction tables–here is where light hors d’oeuvre and wine was served. This was a scene from J.Lo’s movie The Wedding Planner (ya’ll know the part where she was outside with the guy and they were falling in love and– well you get the point)– I mean just lovely and romantic. Later in the evening we moved the guests indoors for the main attraction, a delicious gourmet dinner and a beautiful program including special guests like Shemar Moore (please see image above lol) and a special performance by Brian McKnight.

In preparation for the event I was responsible for the successful completion of 350 gift bags managing 6-10 people throughout the day. My team was truly great and it was refreshing to see people willing to give so freely of their time and effort to serve a greater cause.

This event was a priceless learning experience. From the moment I stepped into the venue I was able to actively contribute my ideas and strategies to successfully prepare for show time.  Yes, I was #ALMOST late for call time because of traffic, yes I #ALMOST roasted in the HOT SoCal sun feverishly working to set-up, and HECK YEA my team and I #ALMOST didnt finish the gift bags in time….BUUUTTT everybody knows #ALMOST DOESN’T COUNT! I got COMPLETE and total fulfillment from my contribution to the cause and it was worth every salty bead of perspiration *eeew, nasty I know I know lol*

Autism has not affected me directly, but prior to the event I was very familiar with the disorder and the impact it has on those diagnosed and their families.  During the event there was a very moving and inspirational presentation where we viewed footage of some of the kids benefiting from the efforts of ACT Today. And honestly, to see the faces of these amazing kids is what brought the reality of this disorder and the greatness of this non-profit to the forefront.

Once I had the chance to freshen up from a long day of running around and making things happen I did my best to appear as if I had the pleasure of getting dressed in the comfort of my home. And get this I #ALMOST looked half deceit! haha Ladies you know how difficult it can be to transform into “show-time” appearance in public facilities…Well of course I had all the challenges of getting dressed from a suitcase slammed in my face.  Everything from #ALMOST not being able to find my earring to leaving one shoe in my car…but get this I LOST A FREAKN LASH AGAIN! At this point I refuse to go anywhere without two pairs of lashes.  One pair on my face and one in my bag (lol only kidding- but not really though).

I did however find a pair of lashes, GLO Hair Salon was at the event providing complimentary hair and make-up services leading up to the event and of course I had the brilliant idea to ask the make-up artist for lashes.  AND WALLA!

The event was beautiful, the people were beautiful…”#ALMOST” was trying to get me down all day but it didn’t count so I WIN!

That’s all for now folks!!


My Inexplicable Life as Shay

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