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The Life As Shay Report:
Miley Cyrus has received mixed reactions from the world with her new bad a$$, larger than life personality, wild behavior and candid comments. When I see things go down in this fashion I always ask, “Well what is the music sounding like?”  Below check out my notes on her latest album Bangerz.

Adore You– Slow and Sweet. This song is enough to make you think of someone from your fantasy. It sounds like a song that was passed up by Rihanna, it has that sound. The vocals are beautiful.
We Can’t Stop-You heard this song a trillion times by now. I like this song a lot. It was the first single from this album, Bangerz. Video below.

Video Courtesy of MileyCyrusVEVO
SMS (BANGERZ) feat. Britney Spears: SMS stands for “Strutting My Stuff.”  Reminds me of 2 Legit 2 Quit MC Hammer. It’s a fast-paced, pop, dance-y track. This could have easily been a Britney Spears song or even a Ciara song.  I would love to see a video for this song, I picture something RATCHETLY FUN. And I hear remnants of Push ItSalt N Pepper.
4×4 feat. Nelly:  This song is a story of riding around with your boo, Hillbilly style. This is an interesting song. It’s like being at a Hip-Hop Ho-down. And Nelly is basically a Country Rapper at this point. Not my favorite but cool none the less.
My Darlin feat. Future: OH DAMN! This song is so cool.  She sings with a country-drawn sweetness and then you have Futuresinging in the “lazy-syrupy” way he does. They were harmonizing on here too. This song is so interesting because it has so many layers. Like old and new, Country and Hip Hop, airy vocals with a few powerhouse notes. They sing “Oh My darling stand by me” obviously inspired from Ben E. King Stand by Me-then they mention 3-D movies—you feel me?”Back then”  mixed with the now.  Fun.
Wrecking Ball: When I first heard this song I listened with my eyes closed and it felt like Kelly Clarkson and Adele had a vocal lovechild. This song is so beautiful. The story that she tells, listen to the lyrics and her passion and force behind the words. Unfortunately, the overly suggestive visuals in the video depreciates this song to me.  This is one of my most favorite Miley Cyrus songs. The video I could do without. See Video below.

Video Courtesy of MileyCyrusVEVO
Love Money Partyfeat. Big Sean: “Money ain’t nothing but Money, when you get to the Money it ain’t nothing but Money…” THIS SONG GOES HARD! The beat reminds me of the Adams Family. I think it’s the organ-like sounds. I hope she releases this song next.  Good Job guys.
By this point in the album I am really seeing that Miley has NOT changed who she is for this album. She still has reserved her style of singing and signature sound with a more aggressive approach to the songs and different production, more bounce-beat sounds and more crossover *towards a Hip-Hop sound*.  BUT IT’S DEFINITELY ALL MILEY.
#GETITRIGHT:  Such a cute song. This is a hit. Like a “N’Sync” hit. This reminds me of boy band music. It captures the essence of Janet Jackson’s Damita Jo album as well. That whole vibe is in this one song. This song is too dope. I listened 3 times in a row. I am so happy she didn’t have a feature on this song. She didn’t need one.
Drive: This song is a shout-y ballad with a hard beat. Mike Will Made-It continues to surprise me with his production on this album. The harmonies on this track are wild. This song feels like driving around through mountains in a drop-top on a dark misty night. Her lover drove her heart into the night. Liam is that you?
FU feat. French Montana:  I love this song. It’s a “break-up, kiss-my-a$$” anthem. She talks about finding a text in her guy’s phone from another woman and she uses the analogy of texting “FU” and pressing send to represent the end of their relationship.  This is some ROCK STAR ‘ish. French Montana was kind of misplaced on this track for me.
Do My Thang: This is a cute, clap, bounce song. This song has several twists and turns that makes it such a pleasure to listen to. There is “fee-fi-fo-fum” type chanting, some big vocals, some rapping, some “turning up” then on top of that it’s still a dance song.
Maybe You’re Right: Signature Miley Cyrus song. Period.
Someone Else: She sings about being someone else. This is a nice song. “If you are looking for pity look somewhere else ‘cause I certainly can’t help you…I turned into someone else.” The breakdown on this song is the truth. You can feel the pain in this song. She is speaking loud and clear with the hurt of a woman twice her age.
Rooting For My Baby:  This is a warm and syrupy song about loving her guy through the times that he is less than welcoming to her…”I know that you go through a lot, I know the pressure gets you hot…I’m rooting for my baby.”  This song is one of my favorites on the album. The arrangement and composition of this one is sickening.
On My Own: This is a bad a$$ song. Like Michael Jackson. I think of Wanna be Starting Something. This song is all about independence. WOW!!! I REALLY LOVE THIS SONG! This is a dope message. This song has a funky Prince, get-down-vibe. This girl is amazing. “Came in this world by myself so I don’t need anyone else…” This is the type of song you listen to when you wake up or need workout motivation.
Hands in the Airfeat. Ludacris:  This is a nice album track. It’s nice. That’s all. Ludacris added a nice flavor to the track. I love her background vocals the most. If you didn’t know this girl is singing ever inch of her songs. You can tell.
When all things have been totaled up and considered it is pretty evident that this album is FULL OF BANGERZ. The title was dead on. Miley Cyrus I salute you.
Please check out her new album Bangerz, there is something for everybody.

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