50 Cent Interview with The Breakfast Club- “Do you Like 50?”

The Life As Shay Report:

Now! I watched this 50 Cent/Breakfast Club interview a few days ago and it literally has been on my mind since. “Do you like 50?” I had to ask myself. I mean when I really thought about it the answer would have to been “He Cool.” I like his music but I’m not an advocate or anything, ya know. But when you have a chance to listen to him talk you get a whole new understanding of why he has been so successful and able to infiltrate the cd collection and iPods of so many across the globe. With 50 I feel like I am buying into an entertaining personality and who doesn’t like to be entertained? So yea, I like his a$$.

Check out the interview as he goes over his thoughts on G-Unit, the Floyd and TI beef and business ventures to come. Animal Ambition on iTunes now!

Watch it then tell me, “Do you like 50?

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