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2014 Oscars’ Red Carpet Playlist

The Life As Shay Report:

The 2014 Oscars took place last evening and there were alot of big wins. I don’t mind the Oscars myself but if I can’t relate it back to music, it just not as fun. My fashion sense happens to be rather SHARP too if I do say so myself…so check out my Oscars’ Red Carpet Playlist. Inspired by my favorite’s from last evening’s Big Night in Entertainment, check out the song that came to mind as I saw these amazing talents grace the carpet. Follow me…

lupita oscars

Lupita Nyong’o- Mariah Carey‘s “Butterfly”


jennifer lawerence


Jennifer Lawrence (Before her infamous red carpet stumble seen around the world)- Brandy‘s “Sitting Up in My Room”


Sandra Bullock- Beyonce’s “Me, Myself and I”

Penelope Cuz Oscars 2014

Penelope Cruz- Ariana Grande‘s “The Way”

Kate Hudson Oscars 2014

Kate Hudson- Terror Squad’s “Lean Back”

Gabby Sidebe Oscars 2014

Gabby Sidibe- The Pink Panther



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