Being undecided, struggling to find resolve. Inability to process adequate criteria for decision making and following through. We all can be indecisive at times but that’s not a good habit to nurture. There’s nothing wrong with pondering the best choice (especially as resources like time and money are unusually involved) but “if you ain’t s#!tn then get off the pot.”
Time waits for no man! And frankly, an indecisive person is worrisome and stressful to be around.

Being indecisive is actually rooted in self-doubt and apprehension. Or maybe you’re a “people pleaser” so your mind switches as new ideas and new people come into play. Situation 1 = Bad. Situation 2 = Bad. When you understand that life is what you make it you’ll have more freedom to make decisions swiftly, with confidence. Now, I’m not talking about big life decisions like buying a home or deciding on a college…those things take time and much consideration because they will shift the direction of your life in major ways. For example, buy a home in Atlanta and you’ll likely be living in Atlanta for the rest of your life (unless you rent it out or sell it). A decision like that takes much consideration because the effects are long lasting (where will my kids go to school, how is the job market developing etc.) Catch my drift? But for more simple decisions that only shift the direction of your life for that moment, or a month or two…let go! Live! Whoever told you that every move has to be your best move lied! There is room for error in life, and that’s how you learn the best lessons.

Don’t be so caught up on making the right decision each time that you miss the chance to experience something interesting or you drain all of the fun out of the situation.

So next time you find yourself tied up and confused offer a simple decision:

  1. choose one
  2. say a prayer and;
  3. roll with it!


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